Kade Vershey

Kade VersheyPresident

My name is Kade Vershey and I am the owner of Houston Ford. I take great pride in being able to tell you that and stand humbled by the awesome responsibility of it. My goals are simple: First, I want us to be the best liked car company in Northern Minnesota. Second, I want us to provide every single person with our very best deal up front and honestly, so as to provide the greatest value to our customers in the simplest manner possible. Lastly, I want all of our employees to always ask themselves, what is the right thing to do? I believe if all of us at Houston Ford chase these goals in all of our decisions, the business will do just fine.

My wife Nicole and our two children, Grant and Gabrielle, are ecstatic to be in this area, our new home. The beauty of the area is unmatched and the same is true of the people we have met so far. On behalf of my family and Houston Ford, I look forward to continuing to be of great service to all of you in the future.